Modular Rigging System

Let’s Disorder a Modular Rigging System!

Project Index

  • Rig Sys – 0.0 – Intro
  • Rig Sys – 1.0 – Planning and Design (coming soon)

Part 0: Introduction

In this series of posts we will develop a fully featured rigging system for Maya (2018+). This is not for the fait of heart, we will go through many layers of Maya development, plus many layers of Python programming. But if you stick with me all the way to the other side, you will have your very own rigging system (and hopefully we will lean a few things on the way).

I’ve developed four fully featured systems like this in the past for AAA projects at Sega, Ready At Dawn, and Blizzard Entertainment. I’ve done this before, quite successfully. What i have not done, is do it with a community. I will have all the code in a github repo, accessible to everyone. I will allow comments, questions, and suggestions on each post. But, most importantly, I will alter course if the suggestions are good. I will go back, fix mistakes and make feature changes that reflect the desires of the community. Hopefully, we will all learn something.

So please join me, comment, ask, suggest, complain, direct, etc. I will do my best to read all comments. Please keep in mind that i have to moderate them (I didn’t once, and I got filled with porn, so lets avoid that). Also, I will not allow disrespect. We can disagree, in fact, I encourage it, but I will not allow people to insult each other.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is interested. Keep in mind, however, that I will be writing a ton of Python to control and manipulate Maya. So a good grasp of both might be helpful. But don’t shy away if you are unfamiliar with things, I will try to keep it as accessible as I can.

Alright, lets wish each other “good luck”: good luck!!

In my next post, I will be going though setting up a Maya / Python Dev Environment.

Alright, catch you on the other side!

// Isoparm