Env Setup – Part 1.1 – Connect PyCharm And Github

Lets setup PyCharm / Github.

You need a Github account, so make one.

Make a new Github Repository. The project I will be starting out using is this one: https://github.com/isoparms/dis.shared. I recommend you create a similar one.


Yay, you have a repository! Now we will clone it to your system.

Open GitBash (it got installed when you installed Git).

this is the clone command:

git clone https://github.com/isoparms/dis.shared C:\code_folder\disorder_project\shared

Once cloned, you can pull (get latest from Github) with this command:

cd C:\code_folder\disorder_project\shared
git pull

Alright, you have your repository set up. Now we move to PyCharm.

Make a File \ New Project

Use the same folder as the one you used for your repository.

Set up Git: File \ Settings


Cool, we are almost done. Now make a change, add a file, etc. Then press Ctrl + K. This is how you commit or check in, so memorize it.


PyCharm will prompt you for your account and password. Make sure you make your settings global.

Now you are done.

Make sure you make all changes repository through PyCharm. Add, remove, edit, and even copy and paste files using PyCharm. That way, Github will know what you are doing at all times, so all you have to do, is commit every now and then.



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