TLDR: Quick Start

Hello and welcome to DisOrdEr. Here we attempt to explain, create, and otherwise understand stuff.

When I was starting out, there was very little help. Sites either were for seasoned professionals or people who had no idea. Getting any help was hard. I want to provide some space for anyone interested in Python, Maya, rigging, and other Tech Art related matters.

I wand learning opportunities for everyone involved. I want us to help each other out. I want to teach and be taught.

Please join me in this journey. I will be as helpful as I can.

Anything I write on this site is free to use as you will. I believe sharing code makes us all better, and it helps us grow. So, I’m very comfortable giving my code away. Since everything I post is for the community to use in any way it wants, I expect people’s contributions to be the same. So if you post ideas, code, or any work, understand that it might be used by anyone who visits. Maybe me. Especially me. So post stuff that makes me better, and I will do my best to post things that make you better.

Rising tide lifts all boats, and all that, right?

Enjoy, comment, suggest, critique, post, and come back soon!

// Isoparm

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